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Effect of Graphite Oxide Electrochemically Exfoliated Over a Multimode Interference Filter

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posted on 2023-07-03, 08:49 authored by Ariel Flores-Rosas, Yuliana Espinosa, Christian Iván Enríquez Flores, Elizeth Ramírez Álvarez, Diego Enrique Fuentes Molina, Victor Ruiz-Perez, Jerónimo Jiménez Hernández
In this work, we study multimodal interference filters with a graphite oxide coating. The use of the multimodal interference filter shows a distinctive peak in the signal spectrum, and when using the exfoliated graphite coated multimodal interference filter the signal shows different spectral changes, such as the full width at half maximum of the curve, the maximum power, and the central wavelength, which indicates that graphite oxide absorbs part of the energy. In addition, microscope observations when a He-Ne laser is passed through the filter confirmed graphite oxide is adhered to the filter.


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