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Effective Electromagnetic Wave Properties of Disordered Stealthy Hyperuniform Layered Media Beyond the Quasistatic Regime

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posted on 2023-05-24, 16:01 authored by Jaeuk Kim, Salvatore Torquato
Disordered stealthy hyperuniform dielectric composites exhibit novel electromagnetic wave transport properties in two and three dimensions. Here, we carry out the first study of the electromagnetic properties of one-dimensional (1D) disordered stealthy hyperuniform layered media. From an exact nonlocal theory, we derive an approximation formula for the effective dynamic dielectric constant tensor ${\boldsymbol \varepsilon}_e({\bf k}_q,\omega)$ of general 1D media that is valid well beyond the quasistatic regime and apply it to 1D stealthy hyperuniform systems. We consider incident waves of transverse polarization, frequency $\omega$, and wavenumber $k_q$. Our formula for ${\boldsymbol \varepsilon}_e({k}_q,\omega)$, which is given in terms of the spectral density, leads to a closed-form relation for the transmittance $T$. Our theoretical predictions are in excellent agreement with finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations. Stealthy hyperuniform layered media have perfect transparency intervals up to a finite wavenumber, implying no Anderson localization, but non-stealthy hyperuniform media are not perfectly transparent. Our predictive theory provides a new path for the inverse design of the wave characteristics of disordered layered media, which are readily fabricated, by engineering their spectral densities.



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