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Effects of impurity band on multiphoton photocurrent from InGaN and GaN photodetectors

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posted on 2023-10-31, 16:00 authored by Chuanliang Wang, Ahsan Ali, Jinlei Wu, Wei Huang, Hai Lu, Khadga Jung Karki
Multiphoton absorption of wide band-gap semiconductors has shown great prospects in many fundamental researches and practical applications. With intensity-modulated femtosecond lasers by acousto-optic frequency shifters, photocurrents and yellow luminescence induced by two-photon absorption of InGaN and GaN photodetectors are investigated experimentally. Photocurrent from InGaN detector shows nearly perfect quadratic dependence on excitation intensity, while that in GaN detector shows cubic and higher order dependence. Yellow luminescence from both detectors show sub-quadratic dependence on excitation intensity. Highly nonlinear photocurrent from GaN is ascribed to absorption of additional photons by long-lived electrons in traps and impurity bands. Our investigation indicates that InGaN can serve as a superior detector for multiphoton absorption, absent of linear and higher order process, while GaN, which suffers from absorption by trapped electrons and impurity bands, must be used with caution.



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