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Effects of polarization modulation induced by electro-optic modulators in fiber-based setups

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:54 authored by Frédéric Du-Burck, Karim Manamanni, Tatiana Steshchenko, Amine Chaouche, Vincent Roncin
Using the Jones formalism, it is shown that electro-optic modulators used for phase modulation generate a modulation of the output polarization induced by the difference of phase modulation depth along the crystallographic axes of the modulator. We study two consequences of this polarization modulation in the fiber setups, limiting the performance of high sensitivity measurement devices. The first one is its partial conversion into a residual amplitude modulation (RAM) within any component presenting polarization dependent losses (PDL). The second one is a new effect that consists of the distortion of the signal detected at the output of a fiber cavity. The theoretical expressions of the detected signals are computed in each case.



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