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Efficient Modeling of Depolarizing Mueller BRDFs

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posted on 2023-07-26, 16:00 authored by Quinn Jarecki, Meredith Kupinski
Light-matter interactions within indoor environments are significantly depolarizing. Nonetheless, the relatively small polarization attributes are informative. To make use of this information, polarized-BRDF (pBRDF) models for common indoor materials are sought. Fresnel reflection and diffuse partial polarization are popular terms in pBRDF models, but the relative contribution of each is highly material-dependent and changes based on scattering geometry and albedo. An efficient pBRDF would describe these dependencies with as few parameters as possible while retaining physical significance and task-relevant information. This work compares a triply-degenerate (TD)-Mueller matrix (MM) model to measurements of 3D printed objects. In this TD-MM model, the radiometric, polarimetric, and depolarization attributes are decoupled to reduce the number of parameters. The depolarization is quantified by a single geometry-dependent parameter, four geometry-independent material constants describe the polarization properties, and our TD-MM model is normalized to unit radiance so that the BRDF is decoupled. To test an application of the TD-MM model the material constants are assumed and the geometry-dependent depolarization parameter for a red 3D printed sphere is estimated from linear Stokes images. The geometry-averaged error of the depolarization parameter is 4.2% at 662 nm (high albedo) and 11.7% at 451 nm (low albedo). Since the error is inversely proportional to albedo and depolarization, the TD-MM model is referred to as appropriate for depolarization-dominant materials. The robustness of the TD-MM model is also tested by comparing ground-truth Mueller images to extrapolations of a red 3D printed Stanford bunny under arbitrary polarized illumination.



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