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Efficient and robust chiral discrimination by invariant-based inverse engineering

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posted on 2023-05-25, 16:00 authored by Hang Xu, Xue-Ke Song, Dong Wang, Liu Ye
We propose an accurate and convenient method to achieve 100\% discrimination of chiral molecules with Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant. By reversely designing the pulse scheme of handed resolution, we obtain the parameters of the three-level Hamiltonians to achieve this goal. For the same initial state, we can completely transfer its population to one energy level for left-handed molecules, while transfer it to another energy level for right-handed molecules. Moreover, this method can be further optimized when errors exist, and it shows that the optimal method are more robust against these errors than the counterdiabatic and original invariant-based shortcut schemes. This provides an effective, accurate, and robust method to distinguish the handedness of molecules.



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