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Electrical Charge Control of h-BN Single Photon Sources

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:06 authored by Mihyang Yu, Donggyu Yim, Hosung Seo, Jieun Lee
Colour centres of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) have been discovered as promising and practical single photon sources due to their high brightness and narrow spectral linewidth at room-temperature. In order to realize h-BN based photonic quantum communications, the ability to electrically activate the single photon fluorescence using an external electric field is crucial. In this work, we show the electrical switching of the photoluminescence from h-BN quantum emitters, enabled by the controllable electron transfer from the nearby charge reservoir. By tuning the Fermi level of graphene next to the h-BN defects, we observed luminescence brightening of a quantum emitter upon the application of a voltage due to the direct charge state manipulation. In addition, the correlation measurement of the single photon sources with the graphene's Raman spectroscopy allows us to extract the exact charge transition level of quantum emitters, providing the information on the crystallographic nature of the defect structure. With the complete on-off switching of emission intensity of h-BN quantum emitters using a voltage, our result paves the way for the van der Waals colour centre based photonic quantum information processing, cryptography and memory applications.



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