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Electrically Driven Hyperbolic Nanophotonic Resonators as High Speed, Spectrally Selective Thermal Radiators

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:25 authored by John Andris Roberts, Po-Hsun Ho, Shang-Jie Yu, Jonathan A. Fan
We introduce and experimentally demonstrate a new class of electrically driven thermal emitter based on globally aligned carbon nanotube metamaterials patterned as nanoscale ribbons. The metamaterial ribbons exhibit electronic and photonic properties with extreme anisotropy, which enable low loss, wavelength-compressed hyperbolic photonic modes along one axis and high electrical resistivity and efficient Joule heating along the other axis. Devices batch-fabricated on a single chip emit linearly polarized thermal radiation with peak wavelengths dictated by their hyperbolic resonances, and their low thermal mass yields infrared radiation modulation rates as high as one megahertz. As a proof-of-concept demonstration, we show that two sets of thermal emitters on a single chip, each operating with different spectral peak positions and modulation rates, can be used to sense carbon dioxide with a single detector. We anticipate that the combination of batch fabrication, wide modulation bandwidth, and customized spectral tuning with hyperbolic chip-based thermal emitters will enable new modalities in multiplexed infrared sources for sensing, imaging, and metrology applications.



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