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Electromagnetic Pulses: A Novel Framework for Helicity, Chirality and Their Flows

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posted on 2023-10-25, 10:06 authored by P. Acebal, Luis Carretero-Lopez, Salvador Blaya
This paper delves into conserved quantities of electromagnetic pulses, which are crucial for understanding their behavior. We introduce a precise framework for computing scalar properties (energy, helicity, and chirality) and vector properties (Poynting vector, Spin, and chirality flux) of electromagnetic pulses. Based on the far-field behavior of the electric field, our methodology offers accurate results akin to traditional volume integrals but at a lower computational cost. Additionally, our findings enable a reinterpretation of these properties as statistical average parameters of the pulse. This innovative approach not only simplifies calculations but also enhances their accuracy, making it useful for studying complex electromagnetic field structures, including multiple pulse interference and interactions with matter.


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