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Electromagnetism is Space Geometrodynamics Part 2

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posted on 2023-10-11, 08:30 authored by Shlomo Barak
Part 2: Our General Relativity Field Equation that Incorporates Electromagnetism All past efforts to unify gravitation and electromagnetism failed because they considered energy/momentum to be the common denominator in this unification. Mass curves space, but nobody knew that charge, as we have shown in Part 1, also curves space. It was naively believed that if mass, namely energy, curves space then so will the electromagnetic energy and in the same way. We took an entirely different approach. Our common denominator, as we show, is the deformation (distortion, curving) of space by both mass and charge. This approach enables us to extend the general relativity field equation to incorporate both gravitation and electromagnetism.


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