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Electromagnetism is Space Geometrodynamics Part 3

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posted on 2023-10-11, 09:58 authored by Shlomo Barak
Part 3: Electromagnetism as the Geometrodynamics of Space Light is a vibration (excitation) of the Electromagnetic field, which as we show is Space itself. Light is thus kind of a vibration of the Space lattice: Adopting the idea that space is a lattice (cellular structure), Space Density  is defined as the number of space cells per unit volume (denoted 0 for space with no deformations). Based on this we define Electric Charge Density as: q=1/4π ∙ (ρ-ρ0)/ρ. This charge density is positive if  > 0 (contracted space) and negative if  < 0 (dilated space). This is all we need to derive electrostatics in this paper Part 1. By adding the Lorentz Transformation to the definition of q, we derive in this paper, Part 3, the entire Maxwell Electromagnetic theory with no phenomenology. Thus, the Electromagnetic field is the Space lattice and Light is its vibration.


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