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Engineered Octave Frequency Comb in Integrated Chalcogenide Dual-ring Microresonators

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:03 authored by Zifu Wang, Liyang Luo, Di Xia, Siqi Lu, Guosheng Lin, Shecheng Gao, Bin Zhang, Zhaohui Li
Broadband Kerr combs with a flat comb spectral profile are expected in a number of applications, such as high-capacity optical communication. Here, we propose novel concentric dual-ring microresonators (DRMs) for advanced dispersion engineering to tailor the comb spectral profile. The dispersion can be flexibly engineered not only by the cross-section of the DRMs, but also by the gap between concentric dual-ring microresonators, which provides a new path to geometrically control the spectral profile of the soliton Kerr combs. An octave-spanning dissipative Kerr soliton comb with superior spectral flatness has been achieved numerically, covering from the telecommunication band to the mid-infrared (MIR) band region with a -40 dB bandwidth of 1265 nm (99.82 THz). Our results are promising to fully understand the nonlinear dynamics in hybrid modes in DRMs, which helps control broadband comb formation.



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