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Engineering Waveguide Nonlinear Effective Length via Low Index Thin Films

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posted on 2023-10-29, 16:00 authored by Wallace Jaffray, Farhan Ali, Sven Stengel, Ziheng Guo, Sebastian A. Schulz, Andrea Di Falco, Marcello Ferrera
Novel photonic nanowires were fabricated using low-index materials and tested in the near-infrared spectrum to assess their nonlinear optical properties. In this work, we argue the need to redefine the standard nonlinear figure of merit in terms of nonlinear phase shift and optical transmission for a given propagation distance. According to this new metric, our devices largely outperform all established platforms for devices with a linear footprint in the range of 50 to 500 um, which is demonstrated to be an outstanding technological gap. For 85 fs pulses, with carrier wavelength at 1480nm and sub-uW power levels, a spectral broadening exceeding 80% of the initial bandwidth was recorded over a propagation length of just 50 um. Leveraging on CMOS-compatible processes and well-established materials such as silicon, silica, and indium tin oxide, our devices bring great promise for developing alternative all-optical devices with unparalleled nonlinear performances within the aforementioned range.



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