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Enhanced thermo-optical response by means of anapole excitation

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:21 authored by Javier González-Colsa, Juan D. Olarte-Plata, Fernando Bresme, Pablo Albella
High refractive index dielectric nanostructures offer a versatile platform to control light-matter interaction at the nanoscale as they can easily support electric and magnetic modes with low losses. An additional property that makes them extraordinary is that they can support low radiative modes, so-called anapole modes. In this work, we propose a spectrally tunable anapole nanoheater based on the use of a dielectric anapole resonator able to amplify ten-fold the thermal response of a plasmonic nanoheater. This would allow the use of lower light intensities to achieve striking heating effects. As proof of concept, we perform a detailed study of the thermo-plasmonic response of a gold nanoring used as heating source and a silicon disk, designed to support anapole modes, located in its center acting as anapolar resonator. Furthermore, we utilize the anapole excitation to easily shift the thermal response of these structures from SWIR to the NIR range.



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