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Enhancing Light Extraction of Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Deep-Groove High-index Dielectric Nanomesh Using Large-area Nanoimprint

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posted on 2023-02-04, 17:01 authored by Ji Qi, Wei Ding, Qi Zhang, Yuxuan Wang, Hao Chen, Stephen Y. Chou
To solve the conventional conflict between maintaining good charge transport property and achieving high light extraction efficiency when using micro/nanostructure patterned substrates to extract light from organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), we developed a novel OLED structure, termed High-index Deep-Groove Dielectric Nanomesh OLED (HDNM-OLED), fabricated by large-area nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The key component is a nanostructure-patterned substrate embedded with a high-index deep-groove nanomesh and capped with a low-index planarization layer. The high-index and deep-groove nanomesh efficiently releases the tapped photons to achieve significantly enhanced light extraction. And the planarization layer helps to maintain the good charge transport property of the organic active layers deposited on top of it. For a green phosphorescent OLED in our demonstration, with the HDNM-OLED structure, compared to planar conventional ITO-OLED structure, the external quantum efficiency (EQE) was enhanced by 1.85-fold from 26% to 48% and power efficiency was enhanced by 1.86-fold from 42lm/W to 79lm/W. Besides green OELDs, the HDNM-OLED structure was also shown to be able to work for red and blue-emitting OELDs and achieved enhanced light extraction efficiency (1.58-fold for red light, 1.86-fold for blue light) without further structure modification, which demonstrated the light extraction enhancement by the HDNM-OLED is broadband.



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