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Entangled photons from composite cascade emitters

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:19 authored by Derek S Wang, Inci Anali, Susanne F Yelin
Entangled photons are crucial for quantum technologies, but generating arbitrary entangled photon states deterministically, efficiently, and with high fidelity remains a challenge. Here, we demonstrate how hybridization and dipole-dipole interactions -- potentially simultaneously available in colloidal quantum dots and molecular aggregates -- leveraged in conjunction can couple simple, well understood emitters into composite emitters with flexible control over the level structure. We show that cascade decay through carefully designed level structures can result in emission of frequency-entangled photons with Bell states and three-photon GHZ states as example cases. These results pave the way toward rational design of quantum optical emitters of arbitrarily entangled photons.



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