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Entanglement-enhanced dual-comb spectroscopy

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posted on 2023-04-06, 16:01 authored by Haowei Shi, Zaijun Chen, Scott E. Fraser, Mengjie Yu, Zheshen Zhang, Quntao Zhuang
Dual-comb interferometry harnesses the interference of two laser frequency comb to provide unprecedented capability in spectroscopy applications. In the past decade, the state-of-the-art systems have reached a point where the signal-to-noise ratio per unit acquisition time is fundamentally limited by shot noise from vacuum fluctuations. To address the issue, we propose an entanglement-enhanced dual comb spectroscopy protocol that leverages quantum resources to significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio performance. To analyze the performance of real systems, we develop a quantum model of dual-comb spectroscopy that takes practical noises into consideration. Based on this model, we propose quantum combs with side-band entanglement around each comb lines to suppress the shot noise in heterodyne detection. Our results show significant quantum advantages in the uW to mW power range, making this technique particularly attractive for biological and chemical sensing applications. Furthermore, the quantum comb can be engineered using nonlinear optics and promises near-term experimentation.



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