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Entanglement Emerges from Dissipation-Structured Quantum Self-Organization

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:21 authored by Zhi-Bo Yang, Yi-Pu Wang, Jie Li, C. -M. Hu, J. Q. You
Entanglement is a holistic property of multipartite quantum systems, which is accompanied by the establishment of nonclassical correlations between subsystems. Most entanglement mechanisms can be described by a coherent interaction Hamiltonian, and entanglement develops over time. In other words, the generation of entanglement has a time arrow. Dissipative structure theory directs the evolving time arrow of a non-equilibrium system. By dissipating energy to the environment, the system establishes order out of randomness. This is also referred to as self-organization. Here, we explore a new mechanism to create entanglement, utilizing the wisdom of dissipative structure theory in quantum systems. The entanglement between subsystems can emerge via the dissipation-structured correlation. This method requires a non-equilibrium initial state and cooperative dissipation, which can be implemented in a variety of waveguide-coupled quantum systems.



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