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Exact solution of maximally flat antireflection coatings for coherent and incoherent light

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posted on 2023-08-09, 16:00 authored by Jaromír Křepelka
This paper presents two approaches to the precise design of maximally flat antireflection coatings reducing the reflectance of the substrate to near zero in a certain region around the central frequency. The first ideal case concerns coherent light interference, where it is required that for a chosen central frequency the maximum number of reflectance derivatives of the reflectance with respect to the frequency is zero. This approach makes it possible to determine the refractive indices of a system of homogeneous quarter-wave thin films by solving set of nonlinear equations that can be found in explicit form for a maximum of four layers; for higher numbers of layers, the result must be sought numerically. The second case is the incoherent superposition of light waves, which refers to the determination of the refractive indices of the layers independently of their thicknesses. For these two physically ideal cases, the obtained refractive indices of the layers and the dependence of their reflectivity on the light frequency are compared. A simple new method for approximating the refractive indices of a maximally flat system of antireflective layers is also proposed.



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