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Experiment-based model of Er/Yb gain medium for fiber amplifiers and lasers

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posted on 2023-05-06, 16:01 authored by D. K. Vysokikh, A. P. Bazakutsa, A. V. Dorofeenko, O. V. Butov
A model of an Er$^{3+}$/Yb$^{3+}$ co-doped glass gain medium is considered. The system of rate equations taking into account a minimum set of processes required to describe experimental data is built. As a result, a moderate number of fitting parameters is used, thereby increasing the model reliability. For the populations of the energy levels of Er$^{3+}$ and Yb$^{3+}$ ions, analytic expressions are obtained, as well as for the gain factor of the medium. The model was validated by a series of measurements of gain in Er$^{3+}$/Yb$^{3+}$ fiber amplifiers of different lengths at variable pump powers. The parameters of the model are found to fit the experimental data, taking into account the spatial inhomogeneity of the pump power along the fiber. The maximum population inversion of erbium at high pumping powers is analytically expressed, which describes the "bottleneck" effect. The power required to pump the fiber along the entire length is found.



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