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Experimental Observation of Berry Phases in Optical Moebius-strip Microcavities

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:56 authored by Jiawei Wang, Sreeramulu Valligatla, Yin Yin, Lukas Schwarz, Mariana Medina-Sanchez, Stefan Baunack, Ching Hua Lee, Ronny Thomale, Shilong Li, Vladimir M. Fomin, Libo Ma, Oliver G. Schmidt
The Moebius strip, as a fascinating loop structure with one-sided topology, provides a rich playground for manipulating the non-trivial topological behavior of spinning particles, such as electrons, polaritons, and photons in both real and parameter spaces. For photons resonating in a Moebius-strip cavity, the occurrence of an extra phase, known as Berry phase, with purely topological origin is expected due to its non-trivial evolution in the parameter space. However, despite numerous theoretical investigations, characterizing optical Berry phase in a Moebius-strip cavity has remained elusive. Here we report the experimental observation of Berry phase generated in optical Moebius-strip microcavities. In contrast to theoretical predictions in optical, electronic, and magnetic Moebius-topology systems where only Berry phase {\pi} occurs, we demonstrate that variable Berry phase smaller than {\pi} can be acquired by generating elliptical polarization of resonating light. Moebius-strip microcavities as integrable and Berry-phase-programmable optical systems are of great interest in topological physics and emerging classical or quantum photonic applications.



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