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Experimental optical trapping of microparticles with higher order Frozen Waves

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:11 authored by Rafael A. B. Suarez, Antonio A. R. Neves, Marcos R. R. Gesualdi
In this work, we optically trapping microparticles with higher order Frozen Wave using holographic optical tweezers. Frozen Waves are diffraction resistant optical beams, obtained by superposing copropagating Bessel beams with the same frequency and order, obtaining efficient modeling of its shape. Based on this, we developed a holographic optical tweezers system for the generation of Frozen Waves and with this, it was possible to create traps in a stable way for the trapping and guiding of the microparticles in the transverse plane. The experimental results show that it is possible to obtain excellent stability condition for optical trapping using higher order Frozen Waves. These results indicate that the Frozen Waves is promising for optical trapping and guiding of particles, which may be useful in various application such as biological research, atomic physics and optical manipulations using structured light with orbital angular momentum.



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