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Experimental parameters' Uncertainty limits for z-scan and f-scan techniques

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posted on 2023-05-18, 16:02 authored by Esteban Marulanda, Edgar Rueda
In this paper, we present an analytical study of the relationship between the statistical distribution of a physical parameter and the uncertainties in the physical quantities used to determine it through indirect measurement. We investigate two possible methods for determining the physical quantity: linear regression and inversion of the equation in the parameter. Our analysis focuses on finding the limits of "small" uncertainties to guarantee a Gaussian distribution to the indirect physical quantity. Also, we introduce the "reliability cone" concept to describe the dependence of errors on the physical parameters uncertainties. We propose a new probability distribution for significant uncertainties and define the first three moments. We apply these methods to the z-scan and f-scan techniques, presenting the most sensitive parameters for the nonlinear two-photon absorption coefficient measurement. Finally, we implement our findings on experimental data of the two-photon absorption coefficient in CdSe.



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