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Experimental probe of multi-mobility edges in quasiperiodic mosaic lattices

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posted on 2023-06-22, 16:01 authored by Jun Gao, Ivan M. Khaymovich, Xiao-Wei Wang, Ze-Sheng Xu, Adrian Iovan, Govind Krishna, Alexander V. Balatsky, Val Zwiller, Ali W. Elshaari
The mobility edge (ME) is a crucial concept in understanding localization physics, marking the critical transition between extended and localized states in the energy spectrum. Anderson localization scaling theory predicts the absence of ME in lower dimensional systems. Hence, the search for exact MEs, particularly for single particles in lower dimensions, has recently garnered significant interest in both theoretical and experimental studies, resulting in notable progress. However, several open questions remain, including the possibility of a single system exhibiting multiple MEs and the continual existence of extended states, even within the strong disorder domain. Here, we provide experimental evidence to address these questions by utilizing a quasiperiodic mosaic lattice with meticulously designed nanophotonic circuits. Our observations demonstrate the coexistence of extended and localized states in lattices with broken duality symmetry and varying modulation periods. By single site injection and scanning the disorder level, we could approximately probe the ME of the modulated lattice. These results corroborate recent theoretical predictions, introduce a new avenue for investigating ME physics, and offer inspiration for further exploration of ME physics in the quantum regime using hybrid integrated photonic devices.



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