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Experimental realization of chiral Landau levels in two-dimensional Dirac cone systems with inhomogeneous effective mass

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:51 authored by Hongwei Jia, Mudi Wang, Shaojie Ma, Ruo-Yang Zhang, Jing Hu, C. T. Chan
Chiral zeroth Landau levels are topologically protected bulk states that give rise to chiral anomaly. Previous discussions on such chiral Landau levels are based on three-dimensional Weyl degeneracies. Their realizations using two-dimensional Dirac point systems, being more promising for future applications, were never reported before. Here we propose a theoretical and experimental scheme for realizing chiral Landau levels in a photonic system. By introducing an inhomogeneous effective mass through breaking local parity inversion symmetries, the zeroth-order chiral Landau levels with one-way propagation characteristics are experimentally observed. In addition, the robust transport of the chiral zeroth mode against defects in the system is experimentally tested. Our system provides a new pathway for the realization of chiral Landau levels in two-dimensional Dirac systems, and may potentially be applied in device designs utilizing the transport robustness.



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