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Exploiting structural nonlinearity of a reconfigurable multiple-scattering system

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:05 authored by Yaniv Eliezer, Ulrich Ruhrmair, Nils Wisiol, Stefan Bittner, Hui Cao
Nonlinear optics is a rapidly growing field that has found a wide range of applications. A major limitation, however, is the demand of high power, especially for high-order nonlinearities. Here, by reconfiguring a multiple-scattering system, we introduce 'structural nonlinearity' via a nonlinear mapping between the scattering potential and the output light. Experimentally we demonstrate high-order, tunable nonlinearities at low power. The multiply-scattered light features enhanced intensity fluctuations and long-range spatial correlations. The flexibility, robustness and energy efficiency of our approach provides a versatile platform for exploring structural nonlinearities for various applications.



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