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Extended depth-of-focus wavefront design from pseudo-umbilical space curves.

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posted on 2023-07-20, 10:32 authored by Sergio Barbero, Manuel Ritore
Designing extended-depth-of-focus wavefronts is required in multiple optical applications. Caustic location and structure analysis offer a powerful tool to design such wavefronts. An intrinsic limitation of designing extended-depth-of-focus wavefronts is that any smooth surface, with a non-constant mean curvature, unavoidably introduces a separation between caustic sheets, which is proportional to the ratio of change of the mean curvature along a curved embedded in the wavefront. We present a novel method to obtain extended depth-of-focus wavefronts where the mean curvature variation ratio is reduced thanks to using a long circle-involute space curve effectively filling the wavefront surface. Additionally, we present a variant of the method in which the wavefront is modified within a small tubular neighborhood of the circle involute in order to partially meet the umbilical condition along that tubular region. Finally, we provide some numerical results showing the potential of our method in an application example.


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