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Extremely asymmetric absorption and reflection near the exceptional point of three-dimensional metamaterial

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posted on 2023-06-07, 16:03 authored by Yanjie Wu, Ding Zhang, Qiuyu Li, Hai Lin, Xintong Shi, Jie Xiong, Haoquan Hu, Jing Tian, Bian Wu, Y. Liu
In recent years, particular physical phenomena caused by exceptional points (EPs) in non-Hermitian systems have attracted significant research interests. In this paper, a non-Hermitian three-dimensional metamaterial near the EP with extremely asymmetric absorption and reflection is proposed. Unlike the conventional non-Hermitian system, this metamaterial system is constructed with a loss-assisted unique design. By tuning the anisotropic radiation loss between split ring resonator (SRR) in the meta-atoms, extremely asymmetric absorption and reflection unique to EPs are observed. This phenomenon is verified theoretically and experimentally where the theoretical framework of non-Hermitian physics is utilized to explain the formation of EP in the system. By linking the equivalent circuit model (ECM) with the Hamiltonian quantum physical model, a non-Hermitian transmission matrix is constructed. Finally, an analysis method based on the ECM is established. It is demonstrated in a synthetic dimension that the conventional equivalent circuit theory can be utilized to construct non-Hermitian systems. Our work lays down the way for the manipulation of EP to develop perfect absorption, sensing and other applications in the 3D metamaterial platform.



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