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Fiber spectrum analyzer based on planar waveguide array aligned to a camera without lens

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:36 authored by Xinhong Jiang, Zhifang Yang, Lin Wu, Zhangqi Dang, Zhenming Ding, Zexu Liu, Qing Chang, Ziyang Zhang
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a fiber spectrum analyzer based on a planar waveguide chip butt-coupled with an input fiber and aligned to a standard camera without any free-space optical elements. The chip consists of a single-mode waveguide to connect with the fiber, a beam broadening area, and a waveguide array in which the lengths of the waveguides are designed for both wavelength separation and beam focusing. The facet of the chip is diced open so that the outputs of the array form a near-field emitter. The far field are calculated by the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld diffraction integral. We show that the chip can provide a focal depth on the millimeter scale, allowing relaxed alignment to the camera without any fine-positioning stage. Two devices with 120 and 220 waveguides are fabricated on the polymer waveguide platform. The measured spectral width are 0.63 nm and 0.42 nm, respectively. This simple and practical approach may lead to the development of a spectrum analyzer for fiber that is easily mountable to any commercial camera, thereby avoiding the complication for customized detectors as well as electronic circuits afterwards.



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