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Fine-grained All-fiber Nonlocal Dispersion Compensation in the Telecommunications O-Band

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:57 authored by RuiMing Chua, James A. Grieve, Alexander Ling
Nonlocal dispersion compensation between broadband photon pairs propagated over fiber corresponding to the ITU-T G.652D telecommunications standard was studied via fine-grained measurements of the temporal correlation between them. We demonstrated near-ideal levels of nonlocal dispersion compensation by adjusting the propagation distance of the photon pairs to preserve photon timing correlations close to the effective instrument resolution of our detection apparatus (41.0$\pm$0.1ps). Experimental data indicates that this degree of compensation can be achieved with relatively large fiber increments (1km), compatible with real-world deployment. Ultimately, photon timing correlations were preserved down to 51ps$\pm$21ps over two multi-segmented 10km spans of deployed metropolitan fiber.



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