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Fisher Information in Time-Domain Spectroscopy

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posted on 2023-03-20, 16:01 authored by Luca Bolzonello, Niek F van Hulst, Andreas Jakobsson
Spectroscopy detected in the time domain entails many techniques, such as FTIR, pump-probe, FT-Raman, and 2DES, and applications, such as molecule characterization, excited state dynamics studies, or spectra classifications. Surprisingly, all these techniques use sampling schemes that rarely exploit the a priori knowledge the scientist has before the experiment. Indeed, not all the sampling coordinates carry the same amount of information. In this work, we rationalize with examples the various advantages of a smart sampling scheme tailored to the specific experiment characteristics and/or the expected results. The application of a Fisher information approach allows for finding the best sampling scheme to minimize the variance of a desired observable, greatly improving, for example, spectral classifications and multidimensional spectroscopy. In general, we demonstrate how a smart sampling allows reducing by one to two orders of magnitude the acquisition time of an experiment while still providing a similar level of information.



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