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Floquet superradiance lattices in thermal atoms

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posted on 2023-01-07, 17:01 authored by Xingqi Xu, Jiefei Wang, Jianhao Dai, Ruosong Mao, Han Cai, Shi-Yao Zhu, Da-Wei Wang
Floquet modulation has been widely used in optical lattices for coherent control of quantum gases, in particular for synthesizing artificial gauge fields and simulating topological matters. However, such modulation induces heating which can overwhelm the signal of quantum dynamics in ultracold atoms. Here we report that the thermal motion, instead of being a noise source, provides a new control knob in Floquet-modulated superradiance lattices, which are momentum-space tight-binding lattices of collectively excited states of atoms. The Doppler shifts combined with Floquet modulation provide effective forces along arbitrary directions in a lattice in frequency and momentum dimensions. Dynamic localization, dynamic delocalization and chiral edge currents can be simultaneously observed from a single transport spectrum of superradiance lattices in thermal atoms. Our work paves a way for simulating Floquet topological matters in room-temperature atoms and facilitates their applications in photonic devices.



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