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Formation of bound states in the continuum in double trapezoidal grating

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:32 authored by Yuhang Ruan, Jicheng Wang, Zheng-Da Hu, Yixiang Wang
In the field of optics, bound state in the continuum (BIC) has been researched in many photonic crystals and periodic structures due to a strong resonance and an ultrahigh Q factor. Some designs of narrowband transmission filters, lasers, and sensors were proposed based on excellent optical properties of BIC. In this paper, we consider symmetrical rectangular grating structure firstly, then cut off the corner of one of the gratings, the Fano peak of quasi-BIC can be observed in the spectrum. After that, we further change the tilt parameter of the other grating, which minimizes the Fano line width. In the momentum space, the process of structural change corresponds to topological charges split from q=1 into two half charges q=1/2.We analyze guided mode resonance (GMR) excitation of the grating structure, and discuss the dispersion relations in the waveguide layer with the position of BIC in energy bands. In addition, the reflectance spectrum is found to exhibit asymmetric line-shapes with different values of the asymmetry parameters, M1 and M2. BIC is transformed into quasi-BIC as the symmetry of the structure is broken. This work demonstrates a double trapezoid structure with strong resonance properties, which has significant implications for exploring the phenomenon of BIC.



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