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From superradiance to subradiance: exploring the many-body Dicke ladder

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:44 authored by Antoine Glicenstein, Giovanni Ferioli, Antoine Browaeys, Igor Ferrier-Barbut
We report a time-resolved study of collective emission in dense ensembles of two-level atoms. We compare, on the same sample, the build-up of superradiance and subradiance from the ensemble when driven by a strong laser. This allows us to measure the dynamics of the population of superradiant and subradiant states as a function of time. In particular we demonstrate the build up in time of subradiant states through the superradiant dynamics. This illustrates the dynamics of the many-body density matrix of superradiant ensembles of two-level atoms when departing from the ideal conditions of Dicke superradiance in which symmetry forbids the population of subradiant states.



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