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Full-duplex Reflective Beamsteering Metasurface Featuring Magnetless Nonreciprocal Amplification

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posted on 2023-01-11, 21:53 authored by Sajjad Taravati, George V. Eleftheriades
Nonreciprocal radiation refers to electromagnetic wave radiation in which a structure provides different responses under the change of the direction of the incident field. Modern wireless telecommunication systems demand versatile apparatuses which are capable of full-duplex nonreciprocal wave processing and amplification, especially in the reflective state. To realize such a unique, extraordinary and versatile functionality, we propose an architecture in which a chain of series cascaded radiating patches are integrated with nonreciprocal phase shifters, providing an original and efficient apparatus for full-duplex reflective beamsteering. Such an ultrathin reflective metasurface can provide directive and diverse radiation beams, large wave amplification, steerable beams by simply changing the bias of the gradient active nonmagnetic nonreciprocal phase shifters, and is immune to undesired time harmonics. Having accomplished all these functionalities in the reflective state, the metasurface represents a conspicuous apparatus for efficient, controllable and programmable wave engineering.



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