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Generating electromagnetic modes with fine tunable orbital angular momentum by planar topological circuits

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posted on 2023-11-30, 05:04 authored by Yuan Li, Yong Sun, Weiwei Zhu, Zhiwei Guo, Jun Jiang, Toshikaze Kariyado, Hong Chen, Xiao Hu
Metamaterials made of periodic arrangements of electric permittivity and magnetic permeability and arrays of resonators can provide optic properties unexperienced in conventional materials, such as negative refractive index which can be used to achieve superlensing and cloaking. Developing new simpler structures with richer electromagnetic (EM) properties and wider working frequency bands is highly demanded for fast light-based information transfer and information processing. In the present work, we propose theoretically that a honeycomb-structured LC circuit with short-range textures in inductance can generate a topological photonic state accompanied by inversion between p- and d-orbital like EM modes carrying optic orbital angular momenta (OAM). We realize experimentally the topological photonic state in planar microstrips, a sandwich structure of bottom metallic substrate, middle dielectric film and top metallic strips with hexagonal patterns in strip width, in microwave frequency. Measuring accurately the amplitude and phase of EM fields, we demonstrate explicitly that topological interfacial EM waves launched from a linearly polarized dipole source propagate in opposite directions according to the sign of OAM, with the relative weight of p- and d-orbital like EM modes tunable precisely by sweeping the frequency in the topological band gap, which can hardly be achieved in other photonic systems and condensed-matter systems. Achieving the topological photonic state in a simple and easy fabricable structure, the present work uncovers a new direction for generating and manipulating EM modes with rich internal degrees of freedom, which can be exploited for various applications.



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