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Generation and control of optical rogue waves by super-Gaussian pulses with varying steepness

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posted on 2024-05-10, 07:34 authored by LIFU ZHANG, Lu Wan, Haozhe Li, Zhixiang Deng, Yanxia Gao, Dianyuan Fan
We investigate the dynamic of optical rogue waves induced by super-Gaussian (SG) pulses in fiber optic. SG pulses with controlled steep leading and trailing edges can produce high-intensity self-focusing when propagate in nonlinear fibers with weak dispersion and strong nonlinearity. We observe the emergence of various rogue waves, including Peregrine breathers, Akhmediev breathers (AB) and 2nd-order AB. By adjusting the steepness of the SG pulses, the generation of these rogue waves can be controlled. As the steepness of the SG pulse increases, we find the fundamental-order AB can stably coexist. Simultaneously, we reveal that the period of these ABs can be effectively controlled by adjusting the steepness of the SG pulse. At a certain steepness, the 2nd-order AB with high power can also be observed. We also investigate the propagation of SG pulses with an initial chirp in fiber optic and found that they can also control AB and 2nd-order Peregrine breathers. Our findings present a new approach to generating controllable rogue waves.


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National Natural Science Foundation of China (61975130); Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation of Guangdong Province (2021A1515010084)

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