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Generation of Vector Platicons and Hybrid Soliton-Platicon Complexes in Optical Microresonators via Modulated Pump

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:31 authored by Valery E. Lobanov, Artem E. Shitikov, Ramzil R. Galiev, Kirill N. Min'kov, Olga V. Borovkova, Nikita M. Kondratiev
We demonstrate numerically the possibility of generation of vector platicons having orthogonally polarized components by the modulated pump at normal GVD. Dynamics of this process can be controlled by pump polarization and depends on both the spectral interval between pumped modes and the difference of their FSRs. We also show the possibility of the excitation of the hybrid soliton-platicon complexes if pumped modes have alternating signs of the GVD coefficient.



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