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Gravitationally sensitive structured x-ray optics using nuclear resonances

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posted on 2023-05-03, 16:01 authored by Shin-Yu Lee, Sven Ahrens, Wen-Te Liao
Einstein's general theory of relativity not only revolutionized human understanding of the universe, but also brought many gravitational applications in large scale, such as gravitational-wave astronomy, gravitational lensing, and the operation of the global positioning system. However, it still remains a challenge to implement applications for gravitational effects at small spacial extensions on Earth. Here, we investigate a structured waveguide system that allows for the control of an x-ray profile at altitude separations of millimeters and even shorter using the nuclear resonant scattering of x rays. Our present results suggest a potential compact scheme for turning the Earth's gravity into a practical application of x-ray optics.



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