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Green's functions of multiband non-Hermitian systems

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posted on 2023-05-03, 16:00 authored by Yu-Min Hu, Zhong Wang
Green's functions of non-Hermitian systems play a fundamental role in various dynamical processes. Because non-Hermitian systems are sensitive to boundary conditions due to the non-Hermitian skin effect, open-boundary Green's functions are closely related to the non-Bloch band theory. While the exact formula of open-boundary Green's functions in single-band non-Hermitian systems proves to be an integral along the generalized Brillouin zone (GBZ), the proper generalization in generic multiband systems remains unclear. In this work, we derive a formula of open-boundary Green's functions in multiband non-Hermitian systems by viewing the multiband GBZ on the Riemann surface. This formula can be applied to describe directional amplification in multiband systems, which can be verified at various experimental platforms.



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