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Group frame neural network of moving object ghost imaging combined with frame merging algorithm

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:10 authored by Da Chen, Shan-Guo Feng, Hua-Hua Wang, Jia-Ning Cao, Zhi-Wei Zhang, Zhi-Xin Yang, Ao Yan, Lu Gao, Ze Zhang
The nature of multiple samples to extract correlation information limits the applications of ghost imaging of moving objects. A novel multi-to-one neural network is proposed and the concept of "batch frame" is introduced to improve the serial imaging method. The neural network extracts more correlation information from a small number of samples, thus reducing the sampling ratio of the ghost imaging technique. We combine the correlation characteristics between images to propose a frame merging algorithm, which eliminates the dynamic blur of high-speed moving objects and further improves the reconstruction quality of moving object images at a low sampling ratio. The experimental results are consistent with the simulation results.



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