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High-Order Continuous-Variable Coherence of Phase-Dependent Squeezed State

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:36 authored by Yanqiang Guo, Haojie Zhang, Xiaomin Guo, Yuchi Zhang, Tiancai Zhang
We study continuous variable coherence of phase-dependent squeezed state based on an extended Hanbury Brown-Twiss scheme. High-order coherence is continuously varied by adjusting squeezing parameter $r$, displacement $\alpha $, and squeezing phase $\theta $. We also analyze effects of background noise $\gamma $ and detection efficiency $\eta $ on the measurements. As the squeezing phase shifts from 0 to $\pi $, the photon statistics of the squeezed state continuously change from the anti-bunching ($g^{(n)}<1$) to super-bunching ($g^{(n)}>n!$) which shows a transition from particle nature to wave nature. The experiment feasibility is also examined. It provides a practical method to generate phase-dependent squeezed states with high-order continuous-variable coherence by tuning squeezing phase $\theta $. The controllable coherence source can be applied to sensitivity improvement in gravitational wave detection and quantum imaging.



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