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High-Power Quantum-Limited Photodiode and Classical Laser Noise Squashing

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posted on 2023-08-08, 16:00 authored by Vincent Dumont, Jiaxing Ma, Eamon Eagan, Jack C. Sankey
To benefit high-power interferometry and the creation of low-noise light sources, we develop a simple lead-compensated photodetector enabling quantum-limited readout from 0.3 mW to 10 mW and 10 k$\Omega$ transimpedance gain from 85 Hz - 35 MHz. Feeding the detector output back to an intensity modulator, we squash the classical amplitude noise of a commercial 1550 nm fiber laser to the shot noise limit over a bandwidth of 700 Hz - 200 kHz, observing no degradation to its (nominally ~100 Hz) linewidth.



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