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High-performance, intelligent, on-chip speckle spectrometer using two-dimensional silicon photonic disordered microring lattice

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posted on 2023-02-01, 19:40 authored by Zhongjin Lin, Shangxuan Yu, Yuxuan Chen, Wangning Cai, Becky Lin, Jingxiang Song, MATTHEW MITCHELL, Mustafa Hammood, Jaspreet Jhoja, Nicolas Jaeger, Wei Shi, Lukas Chrostowski
High-performance integrated spectrometers are highly desirable for many applications ranging from mobile phones to space probes. Based on silicon photonic integrated circuit technology, we propose and demonstrate an on-chip speckle spectrometer consisting of a 15 ×15, two-dimensional (2D), disordered microring lattice. The proposed 2D, disordered microring lattice is simulated by the transfer-matrix method. The fabricated device features a spectral resolution better than 15 pm and an operating bandwidth larger than 40 nm. We also demonstrate that, based on the speckle patterns, our device can perform a spectrum classification using machine learning algorithms, which will have a huge potential in fast, intelligent material and chemical analysis.


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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; SiEPICfab consortium; British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund; Canada Foundation for Innovation; Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process (REMAP) network; Canada First Research Excellence Fund; Quantum Materials and Future Technologies Program

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