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High-rate sub-GHz linewidth bichromatic entanglement source for quantum networking

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posted on 2023-04-14, 16:01 authored by Alexander N. Craddock, Yang Wang, Felipe Giraldo, Rourke Sekelsky, Mael Flament, Mehdi Namazi
The generation of entangled photon pairs which are compatible with quantum devices and standard telecommunication channels are critical for the development of long range fiber quantum networks. Aside from wavelength, bandwidth matching and high fidelity of produced pairs are necessary for high interfacing efficiency. High-rate, robust entanglement sources that satisfy all these conditions remain an outstanding experimental challenge. In this work, we study an entanglement source based on four-wave mixing in a diamond configuration in a warm rubidium vapor. We theoretically and experimentally investigate a new operating regime and demonstrate an entanglement source which produces highly non-degenerate $795$ and $1324$-nm photon pairs. With this source we are able to achieve in-fiber entangled pair generation rates greater than $10^7\, /s$, orders of magnitude higher than previously reported atomic sources. Additionally, given our source's native compatibility with telecom infrastructure and atomic systems, it is an important step towards scalable quantum networks.



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