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High-responsivity MoS$_2$ hot-electron telecom-band photodetector integrated with microring resonator

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:56 authored by Qiao Zhang, Yingke Ji, Siqi Hu, Zhiwen Li, Chen Li, Linpeng Gu, Ruijuan Tian, Jiachen Zhang, Liang Fang, Bijun Zhao, Jianlin Zhao, Xuetao Gan
We report a high-responsive hot-electron photodetector based on the integration of an Au-MoS$_2$ junction with a silicon nitride microring resonator (MRR) for detecting telecom-band light. The coupling of the evanescent field of the silicon nitride MRR with the Au-MoS$_2$ Schottky junction region enhances the hot-electron injection efficiency. The device exhibits a high responsivity of 154.6 mA W-1 at the wavelength of 1516 nm, and the moderately uniform responsivities are obtained over the wavelength range of 1500 nm-1630 nm. This MRR-enhanced MoS2 hot-electron photodetector offers possibilities for integrated optoelectronic systems.



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