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High-sensitivity Fluorescence-Detected Multidimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Through Continuous Pump-probe Delay Scan

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:02 authored by Amitav Sahu, Vivek N. Bhat, Sanjoy Patra, Vivek Tiwari
Background-free fluorescence detection in multidimensional electronic spectroscopy promises high sensitivity compared to conventional approaches. Here we explore the sensitivity limits of multidimensional electronic spectroscopy. We present a fluorescence-detected multidimensional electronic spectrometer based on a visible white-light continuum. As a demonstration of sensitivity, we report room temperature two-dimensional coherence maps of vibrational quantum coherences in a laser dye at optical densities ~2-3 orders of magnitude lower than conventional approaches. This high sensitivity is enabled by a combination of biased sampling along the optical coherence time axes and a rapid scan of the waiting time T dimension at each time step. A combination of acousto-optic phase modulation and phase-sensitive lock-in detection enables simultaneous collection of rephasing and non-rephasing signals and measurements of room temperature vibrational wavepackets even at the lowest ODs. Alternative faster data collection schemes, enabled by the flexibility of continuous pump-probe scanning approach, are also demonstrated.



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