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Holding and amplifying electromagnetic waves with temporal non-Foster metastructures

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posted on 2023-04-12, 16:00 authored by Victor Pacheco-Peña, Yasaman Kiasat, Diego M. Solís, Brian Edwards, Nader Engheta
We introduce a mechanism that can both hold and amplify electromagnetic waves by rapidly changing the permittivity of the medium during the wave travel from a positive to a dispersionless (i.e. non-Foster) negative value and then back again. The underlying physics behind this phenomenon is theoretically explored by considering a plane wave in an unbounded medium. Interestingly, we show that a rapid positive-to-negative temporal change of {\epsilon}(t) causes the propagation of the wave to stop (observed by a frozen phase in time) while the amplitude of the frozen field exponentially grows. Stepping the permittivity back to the original (or a new) positive value will cause the wave to thaw and resume propagation with the original (or the new) frequency, respectively. We numerically study the case of dipole radiation in such time-varying non-Foster structures. As a possible implementation, we propose a parallel plate waveguide platform loaded with time-dependent media emulating parallel lumped non-Foster negative capacitors. Such non-Foster time-varying structures may open new venues in controlling and manipulating wave-matter interaction.



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