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Hollow-core fiber for single-mode, low loss transmission of broadband UV light

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posted on 2023-05-03, 16:01 authored by D. Dorer, M. H. Frosz, S. Haze, M. Deiß, W. Schoch, J. Hecker Denschlag
We report on an anti-resonant hollow-core fiber (AR-HCF) designed for stable transmission of laser light in a broad wavelength range of 250 nm to 450 nm. We tested for wavelengths of 300 nm and 320 nm. The characterized fiber shows a low transmission power attenuation of 0.13 dB/m and an excellent single-mode profile. The fiber maintains stable transmission after an exposure of tens of hours with up to 60 mW CW-laser light and shows no indication of solarization effects. We further tested its performance under bending and observed a small critical bending radius of about 6 cm. These characteristics make the presented fiber a useful tool for many applications, especially in quantum optics labs where it may be instrumental to improve on stability and compactness.



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