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Holographic Maxwellian near-eye display with adjustable and continuous eye-box replication

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:00 authored by Shijie Zhang, Juan Liu, Zhiqi Zhang
The Maxwellian display presents always-focused images to the viewer, alleviating the vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) in near-eye displays (NEDs). However, the limited eyebox of the typical Maxwellian display prevents it from wider applications. We propose a holographic Maxwellian near-eye display with adjustable and continuous eye-box replication. Holographic display provides a way to match the human pupil size with the interval of the replicated eyeboxes, making it possible to eliminate or alleviate double image or blind area problem, which exists long in eyebox expansion for Maxwellian display. Besides, seamless image conversion between viewing points has been achieved through hologram pre-processing. Optical experiment confirms that the interval between replicated eyeboxes is dynamically adjustable, ranging from 2mm to 6mm. The proposed display can present always-focused images and seamless conversion among viewpoints with 5.32$^\circ$ horizontal field of view, and 9mmH * 3mmV eyebox.



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